I’ve been using Slack a while now to talk with fellow designers and even colleagues on project work. Slack can be downloaded for an app for your desktop, tablet or mobile (I have them all).

I’ve recently joined a few Slack workspaces¬†focusing around the digital and design community. Here is a few I’ve found really useful…

Designer Hangout

This group focuses around UX and has lots of really involved threads from talking about UX tools from InVision to Balsamiq to peer crits and even job listings, all to help us all talk to like minded UX designers.

Launch Chat

Not as many individual threads as Designer Hangout, but still offers a great way to chat to other designers to chat about their work and designs to new launches and opinions on latest technology.

Get Bootstrap

Run by the people at Bootstrap this is, again, a great way of talking about Bootstrap offering help in using the library and the perfect platform to talk about problems you might be trying to solve within Bootstrap as well as help with the latest versions.

This is just 3 of the workspaces I’ve been using recently that I’ve been joining the conversations on, from offering someone help in the UX interview they had to asking a question about Bootstrap4.

Slack can also be used to integrate your other apps such as chatbots, Zoom and Google Drive. I can now move around my cards in my Trello boards all within Slack, perfect!

If you do join these workspaces and use Slack, don’t forget to come and find me chrisallendoteu